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Anonymous said: How many deerstalkers do you have?

"I’ve lost count, ashamedly enough. Once it became a running joke, there’ve been no shortage of them in the post, all gifts. I’ve only purchased ONE on my own."


"Why thank you, dear anonymous fan~"

Anonymous said: First thing you would do if you were superman.


"Immediately report to The Daily Planet and put my journalistic skills to use! Watch out, Lois Lane! You’re about to meet your match!”


Anonymous said: What's your favorite midnight snack?

"Tea. Always tea. Unless there is cake. Then, tea and cake."

Anonymous said: Are you the type to play video games? If so, are you actually good at them?

"Not especially, though Kuroba-kun has been known to ask me to play MMOs with him before. When I do play games, it tends to be things like sudoku, tetris, or, ah… pokemon."

Anonymous said: What is your favorite cheese?

"Aged white cheddar, unless it’s for a barbecue, then a lob of smoked mozerlla will do quite nicely."

Anonymous said: describe the dirtiest fantasy you've ever had about someone.

"…Does this count?”

Anonymous said: Name the people you've ever had a sex dream about.


"…I don’t think that there’s room for the exhaustive list. I remember most, if not all, of them, and… well, my mental database is catalogued with time and date stamps…"


"Besides, it’s not exactly a gentlemanly thing to be openly discussing, either."

kitameguire said: Do you prefer cats or dogs?


"Dogs! Definitely dogs. I’ve never had a cat, but I’ve had dogs all my life growing up, at least until I moved back to Japan. Golden Retrievers, specifically. They’re such wonderful companions!"


Deadpan stares in the distant dream-land.

"I’ll have you know that there are exceptions to every rule!"